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The concertina was invented in 1829 (the same year the accordion was patented) by the Englishman, Sir Charles Wheatstone. It was improved by the Germans and further improved, in turn, by the English. The full name of the instrument played in Irish Traditional Music today is the Anglo-German concertina.




Image 01 England and Germany separately made their own versions of the concertina.

In the late 1820s, both countries made available the concertina for sale to the public.

Additional developments and improvements came about in the 1830s. German made instruments were bisonoric which played a different note on when the bellows is pushed or pulled, and when it was developed in England, it became known as Anglo concertinas

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Image 02While unisonoric concertinas made in England were called English concertinas. In the middle of the 19nth century commercial production of Anglo concertinas began in England and many improvements were developed.
Image 03Lachenal manufactured the most Anglo concertinas but the best ones were done by Jeffries. Some outstanding makers were Wheatstone, Jones and Crabb.